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These Things Matter Most: Erin C. Schmidt

Posted by Brian Coonan on
These Things Matter Most: Erin C. Schmidt

Everyone, I’d like you to meet Erin. Erin, everyone.

Erin is my sister, first friend, and the best person I’ve ever known. She physically left our world in 2019. She hasn’t gone anywhere.

Erin and I often discussed her legacy, and she wrote in one of her blogs, “I've struggled with the concept of "purpose" and what mine is meant to be…I often wonder how and if I will be remembered, and what will they say of how I lived?”. This company is named after how you lived, sis. Its purpose is to continue her purpose. You will see winks and nods to her throughout our business, and her words wherever we can fit them in. This is the last blog entry she ever wrote. You’ll be seeing her around.

You can read more about Erin’s journey on her blog »

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