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Greenwashing: How to Avoid this Toxic Trend in Fashion

Posted by Brian Coonan on
Greenwashing: How to Avoid this Toxic Trend in Fashion

One of our goals at Brave + Kind Co is to provide you an easy opportunity to discover awesome, sustainable brands in one place. Whether you are new to ethical fashion and sustainable shopping or you’re a veteran of ethical shopping, we’re here for you, but we also need your help.

Sustainable products (or ethical products, fair trade products, eco-friendly products, etc.) are more visible now than at any other time in modern retail history. Brands are making great strides to become more eco-friendly — especially with the shifting sands of 2020 and what Covid-19 exposed in the world of fashion.

Unfortunately, lots of brands take advantage of this sector, simply marketing their products as sustainable, when in fact they are not. They use “greenwashing”, claiming their brand and products are environmentally friendly, to promote and sell more products.

The hard truth is that no brand or product is perfect and no brand or product is 100% sustainable(yet). Brands exist on a continuum - from great to not so great, brave to sleazy. So, being able to distinguish between which brands have legitimate sustainability and supply chain practices versus those that are just good at marketing is a real concern. One we take seriously. That’s why we've created our own product sourcing transparency system using the guidance of some of the world’s leading sustainable product vetters. We do our homework, ask questions, and ensure brands are transparent in their endeavors of sustainability and inclusivity… that their money is going where they say it's going. We’re committed to bringing the best brands to our marketplace so that you can trust your dollar is making a difference.

PS. Just like the best brands in this business, we aren’t at 100%(yet), but we are constantly working to up our game. If you notice anything that needs improving, please help us stay on track with any tips, suggestions, or comments. Email us here.

PPS. If you have a sustainable brand you’d love to see featured at Brave + Kind, please drop us a line. We’d love to know more about what you’re digging!

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